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East Midlands conveyancing

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Conveyancing solicitors when buying and selling in the East Midlands

Moving house or buying your first home is a big decision to be make, it’s an exciting time, however it can also be quite overwhelming. For your move in the East Midlands, you will need to choose a conveyancer or solicitor to help guide you through the legal process. At My Home Move Conveyancing we work with expert conveyancers that provide a personalised service to help ensure a successful move. Whether you’re buying, selling, or remortgaging in the East Midlands, get a conveyancing quote today. Alternatively, continue reading to find out more about the conveyancing process when moving in the East Midlands.

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Costs for conveyancing in the East Midlands

The cost for moving home in the East Midlands can vary, and usually depends on the cost of your property, what searches and surveys you will need and whether your property is a freehold or leasehold. Conveyancing quotes will usually include the fee for using the services of a conveyancer or solicitor to complete your legal work, property searches and disbursements such as land registry fees. To best way to get an idea of the fees you can expect to pay is to get a conveyancing quote, entering the details as accurately as possible.

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Selling a house in the East Midlands?

Selling costs are usually cheaper than the costs of buying a house, as there is usually less legal work to complete with a sale. You don’t have to worry about getting surveys or searches as these are all the buyers’ responsibility, therefore your main cost will be within the legal fees. Get a conveyancing quote for your sale today.

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Is it better to use a local solicitor for conveyancing in the East Midlands?

Typically, the biggest difference when using a local high street solicitor is how you are communicated with and the cost. A local solicitor may charge you by the hour, as that is their pricing structure for all the other types of legal work they are completing, whereas most online conveyancers are more competitively priced, offering other incentives such as a no move, no legal fee guarantee.

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How does the conveyancing process work in the East Midlands?

The conveyancing process in the East Midlands and its counties will be no different to that of the rest of England and Wales. Once you have chosen a conveyancer and instructed them, they will begin the legal work of transferring the ownership of the property. This legal work includes arranging any searches required, raising enquiries on the property writing and ironing out the contract of sale, the transferring of monies, paying any Stamp Duty Land Tax and registering the title with the Land Registry.

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What is the quickest time for conveyancing?

Unfortunately, this is a similar question to ‘how long is a piece of string?’, there is no precise answer. From our experience of transactions all across England and Wales we are able to tell that the average transaction time currently is 16-20 weeks from when a sale is agreed. Of course, this can only be a guide though as the time period all depends on the circumstances of your transaction, are you buying or selling? Is there a chain involved? How long is the current timing for local searches? These are all questions, and differences, which can affect the time to complete. Once you have accepted your quote, your conveyancer will be able to discuss timings with you to provide you with a realistic and achievable deadline. Although, please bear in mind, that this can change along the way, depending on if any issues or delays crop up.

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