Fictional homes on the market

Films and TV have inspired some of the most jaw-dropping properties and designs over the years, but how much would you actually have to fork out to buy one? Read on to find out the price of famous properties which made our list.

    221B  Baker Street the fictional home of Sherlock Holmes

    From Wayne Manor to Villa Donna, from Beast’s Castle to Bates Motel, we’ve found the real-life inspiration for these properties to estimate the size, acreage and number of rooms of some of our favourite movie homes. Comparing this with similar property sales in the area, we’ve then estimated just how much the heroes and heroines might have spent to acquire them.

    Fictional home - Wayne Manor

    Batman (Nolan Films)

    Wayne Manor - £97,815,237

    Looking for the perfect place to park your Batmobile? Wayne Manor could be the property of your dreams – and you’ll be a real joker if you don’t consider putting an offer in.

    Along with over 500 acres of land, the mansion sits above the Batcave, Batman’s not so secret place to stash his crimefighting gadgets and technology. The cave also has a secret entrance, so only your butler will know about your caped crusades.

    Within the grounds, you’ll also find a large hill, partially hollowed out for Batman’s aerial vehicles, along with an underground river system, large enough to accommodate docking space for your very own Batboat. Because you can’t have a Wayne Manor without a Batboat, can you?

    • Owner: Bruce Wayne

    • Property type: Manor

    • Size: 500 acres

    • Filming location: Wallaton hall, Nottingham

    Villa Donna from Mamma Mia is in the beautiful Skopelos

    Mamma Mia

    Villa Donna - £924,000

    If you’re looking for the most sought-after villa in Skopelos, Villa Donna is for you – especially if you and your loved ones regularly like to burst into random show tunes…

    The famous site of Sophie’s wedding, this delightful property sits on Kastani Beach, and provides the perfect setting for a beautiful sunset and a spontaneous sing-along.

    Villa Donna is perfect for anyone seeking a renovation project, as whilst its rustic interior is charming, a little TLC would really make the house a home. The rental and hotel potential could also be lucrative, if the family ever move out!

    • Owner: Donna

    • Property type: Villa/Apartment Complex

    • Number of bedrooms: 5-6 apartments

    • Filming location: Unspecified Greek Island

    Manor house similar to that the fictional Xavier's school for gifted youngsters in Xmen

    X-Men (First Class Universe)

    Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters - £12,323,944

    Charles Xavier might have shelled out a fair amount to build his famous school, but we’re sure he’s not lost too much hair over it.

    As the base of operations and training site of the X-Men, some of the world’s most famous mutants, from Wolverine to Cyclops, have walked the halls of this building, learning to control their powers and foster a human-friendly relationship.

    After a few explosive clashes with the forces of evil, the school has been “renovated” multiple times, and now stands in impeccable condition.

    • Owner: Charles Xavier

    • Property type: Manor

    • Number of bedrooms: 11

    • Filming location: Englefield House

    Bates Motel


    Bates Motel - £618,119

    When you stop at Bates Motel, you might never leave again, and not because of its TripAdvisor reviews…

    Although in need of some TLC, the 12-bedroom property is the perfect choice for property moguls in search of a long-term investment, and would be particularly suited to single parents with creepy children.

    Although it’s rumoured that dark events previously took place at the Bates Motel, don’t let it turn you away, as it’s nothing you couldn’t sweep under the carpet.

    • Owner: Norma Bates

    • Property type: Motel

    • Number of bedrooms: 12

    • Filming location: Blythe, CA

    Chateau de Chambord

    Beauty & the Beast

    Chateau de Chambord - £240,048,875

    If you want to live like Royalty, Chateau de Chambord will leave you feeling like the Belle of the ball.

    With 440 bedrooms, you’ll literally get lost in the romantic rooms once home to Disney’s most beautiful princess and benevolent beast.

    Located in Villeneuve, in the south of France, Chateau de Chambord really will make your dreams come true.

    • Owner: The Beast

    • Property type: Chateau

    • Size: 13,000 acres

    • Number of bedrooms: 440

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