eWay online case management tool

Our revolutionary online case management tool, eWay, enables you to manage your case 24/7, via a smartphone, tablet or PC.

eWay App

With eWay, you can complete nearly all of your documentation online, make secure payments and keep up-to-date with how your case is progressing, even when on the move.

Find out more about how eWay works by watching our short video below:

Watch our video to learn how eWay can help with your move
  • Conveyancing on the go – eWay is mobile-friendly and uses the very best in smart technology

  • Clear progress – the eWay dial shows you how your case is progressing

  • Online interactive forms – nearly all documentation can be completed by using eWay’s interactive forms

  • Easy to download – to your phone or tablet (use the links above)

man at home sat on his sofa with his cat looking on eway at the progress of his house sale
  • Mobile Friendly

    eWay is mobile-friendly and uses the very best in smart technology, so you can manage your move, on the move, from your smartphone or tablet.

  • Track your Progress

    Through eWay, you can see all of the actions that you and your conveyancer have taken to progress your case, including documents that have been completed and calls that have been made on your behalf.

  • Video Guides

    eWay has a suite of useful video guides and guidance sections, to help you understand what you need to do.

The eWay wheel tracks your move progress
  • Interactive Forms

    You can complete nearly all your documentation using eWay’s interactive forms, which are tailored to meet your specific needs.

  • Case Progression

    The eWay dial shows you how your case is progressing. Each section is a milestone in the conveyancing process – the fuller the section is, the closer it is to being completed.

Home Document Pack

We also offer a Home Document Pack, which collects your important documents from your move, in one indexed binder.

a mum looking at her moving documents at home


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