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At My Home Move Conveyancing, we are here to help reduce the stress that comes with moving home.

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Guiding you into your new home

As part of Simplify, the UK’s largest independent conveyancing and property services group, we will provide you with the help you need to move home successfully. That’s why we work with conveyancers from our own group, where each of the Simplify firms are regulated by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers. We allocate your case to the best possible people to do the job from across the group, so that you can be assured that your conveyancer has the experience, expertise and knowledge needed to take care of your move.

How we can help you move

We give you control of your move. Through eWay, our easy-to-use online portal, you have full visibility of the progress of your move, so you know what has happened as soon as it has happened. Thousands trust us every year because we put you at the centre of your move. We cut through the jargon to make the process clearer, easier and stress-free. In fact, last year alone we provided more conveyancing quotes than the population of Oxford!

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  • We listen

    We'll find out what's important to you to provide a convenient & personal service that works for you

  • We simplify

    Being experts means we don't need to hide behind jargon - we make things straightforward to reduce stress

  • We're transparent

    As we know it's the only way to inspire confidence

  • We're proactive

    Using the right combo of tech and people, at the right points in the journey to fast track the process and keep you in control

  • We 'feel' local

    We're only ever a call away

Your Move Specialists at My Home Move Conveyancing

Your move specialists

When you get a conveyancing quote from us, you’ll be assigned your own dedicated Move Specialist. They will be on-hand to help with any questions you have in the early stages, and will go through all the details of your case with you, to make sure your quote is as accurate as possible. They’ll choose the best conveyancing solution for your personal circumstances, and will connect you with an expert conveyancer in one of our Simplify firms.

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Your conveyancers

We know consistency matters, that’s why you’ll be assigned your own personal conveyancer, who will guide you through your move, from beginning to end. You’ll receive your conveyancers direct phone number and their email address, so you can get hold of them if you ever need to. Through the Simplify group, we have access to the best people for the job. Our combined team of more than 300 conveyancers and solicitors, have seen and resolved every kind of hiccup or speed bump you could encounter during a home move.

Our promise to you

Our ‘No Move, No Legal Fee’ guarantee means you won’t be landed with a legal bill if your move falls through, through no fault of your own. Also, if you’ve already paid for searches on a property and it falls through, we will honour free searches if you find a replacement property within 3 months.

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  • Care

    Everything we do is with our customer experience in mind

  • Transparency

    As we know the only way to inspire confidence

  • Innovate

    Always looking for ways to make our customers lives easier and put them more in control

  • Inspire

    We inspire trust and confidence through empathy and expertise

Home Document Pack

We also offer a Home Document Pack, which collects your important documents from your move, in one indexed binder.

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You’re in control

eWay gives you complete transparency, and control of your move: you can track the progress of your move and see exactly where you are in the process, upload documents, and even contact your conveyancer, all from your sofa.

Help and advice

Find guides and articles that cover everything you need to know about moving home.

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