Meet our new Mansion Tester winner

Buying a house can seem like a daunting process, but it doesn’t have to be – what if you could learn more about the process all while sipping cocktails in lavish surroundings? Find out more about what our Mansion Tester winner got up to at her stay at Manor Holcombe

    Manor Holcombe the staycation location for our Mansion Tester winner

    We were on the hunt for a detail-oriented, luxury seeking house hunter who could stay at the Manor Holcombe and complete a comprehensive  ‘mystery shopping’ process on both our eWay portal and our website to see how straight forward they found our quote experience.

    We welcomed entries from those who had always dreamt of relaxing in their own indoor swimming pool or wished they could have a supersized private garden to take a stroll in and were truly overwhelmed with responses from candidates up and down the country, with varying degrees of experience.

    Manor Holcombe features a large outdoor, heated swimming pool, a private games room as well as a supersized private garden. Sheila Teichart, the successful applicant,  was able to stay and have the full run of the mansion for 3 days accompanied by her husband; living the life of luxury whilst also putting our conveyancing services through their paces. As part of the application process,  we asked applicants to send in why they thought they were suitable for the job, and our chosen winner came to us with the following.

    Our Mansion Tester winner at Manor Holcombe

    Our winners entry:

    “I’d love to be your mansion tester, not only to sequester.

    From all this covid craziness, to relax and enjoy some much-needed laziness.

    All the while meticulously documenting my stay, with photos and videos showing how by the pool I lay, testing your conveyancing services night and day.

    Luxury is what I seek, and improving my house-hunting technique.

    I’d love to win the £500 prize, you’d make my year with such a lovely surprise!”

    As part of the stay our Mansion Tester carried out a review of our website, quote system and eWay portal and reported back on what she found useful.

    Below is a snippet of some of the questions we asked her and how she rated us.

    Did you like that you are allocated a Move Specialist?

    Yes, it’s great to put a face and name to my Move Specialist and know when I can contact them. It makes it more personal in this digital day & age.

    Do you think the email with your quotation was easy to understand?

    Yes, easy to understand and visually appealing.

    Do you like that the email also includes the details and information of your allocated Move Specialist?

    Yes, it makes it a bit more personal.

    We then asked her watch one of our explainer videos on our website and asked if she found it useful?

    Yes, very useful, easy to understand, provides a great overview of the whole conveyancing process.

    Further comments: The website is well structured, with user-friendly navigation & experience. I especially enjoyed the short video, wasn’t too long and not too much information, just enough to pique my interest and leave me wanting to find out more. It takes the overwhelm and uncertainty of what’s all involved out of the equation for first-time buyers.

    After staying our winner sent us this lovely response to thank us for her experience.

    “Many thanks again for this amazing opportunity! We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Holcombe Manor! We both loved relaxing in the hot tub and exploring the grounds. The time we spent there was fantastic!”

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