Your house removals service

Using a house removals service can be a great way to save yourself stress at the final hurdle on moving day. Once you've got your completion date, you can book in a removal company to help with your move.

When you move house there’s a lot to organise, including moving all your furniture and belongings from one place to another, which can be a time constraining and stressful job. That’s why many movers opt to use a house removal company to help do the heavy lifting.

As soon as you’ve got your completion date, it’s time to book your house removals service. Get a removals quote from our trusted partner AnyVan, or continue reading to find out the benefits of using a house removals service and the different services they offer.

How to choose a removal company

Listen to reviews and recommendations:

Finding a trusted removals service can be challenging, however it’s really important – you’re trusting them to take care of all your belongings after all. Therefore, looking at reviews online, and taking recommendations from friends and family is a good way to ensure you’re choosing a trustworthy removals company. Our partner, AnyVan, is rated “Excellent” on TrustPilot - read their reviews.

Get a quote:

You should start researching what services removal companies offer, and gathering quotes, as soon as you have your completion date confirmed, if not before. Although price shouldn’t be the leading factor, it can help you to narrow down your options. Remember though, don’t pay a deposit or book anything until you have exchanged contracts, as up until then, your moving date could still change.

See what extras they offer:

You’ll find some removal companies offer so much more than a team to help you on moving day. Some house removal services also offer extras such as allowing you to make a provisional booking without paying a deposit, include compensation cover within the quote, or even have the ability for you to track your driver on moving day.

Is it worth hiring a house removals service?

This is a question that only you can answer. The cost can be quite high, especially if you need a more bespoke packing such as help with dismantling furniture or packing boxes, however the amount of time, effort and stress it could save you could easily make up for this. A professional removals company moves people every day and so they have perfected what they do, helping to make your move whole lot smoother. Get a removals quote to find out the cost and go from there.

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What services do removal companies offer?

There are varying levels of house removal services on offer, starting from just a man with a van who can help take your belongings from one address to another, all the way to a fully bespoke packing and removals service.

women giving box to home removals driver
  • Man with a van:

    This is the most basic form of house removals where you will get help taking your belongings from one location to another, for smaller or non-complicated moves, this can be all you need.

  • removals services can help pack your belongings

    Packing belongings:

    Some removal companies may be able to provide packing materials making it easier for you to pack your belongings. Additionally, they may offer a service where they pack all or some of your belongings for you, which can be handy, especially for those fragile items.

  • removals services can help dismantle furniture

    Dismantling furniture:

    Some firms will only move large items when they’re dismantled and may offer to dismantle them as part of a service.

  • removals services can help with your move abroad

    Moving abroad:

    Moving overseas is even more complicated and stressful than a move in the same country, so an expert removals company will be able to help you plan and organise your move.

About AnyVan house removals

From a man with a van, to fully bespoke removal companies, AnyVan’s team of Removal Partners are trained and equipped to handle your requirements. Whatever and wherever you’re moving, AnyVan’s 5 star rated service is here to help.

AnyVan provide you with a dedicated move co-ordinator to take care of the whole process and help make your move as easy as possible and you can also provisionally book a date in advance, without having to pay a deposit.

To get a live quote for your house removals or to find out more about the services offered, visit AnyVan.