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Home insurance financially protects your house and belongings against unforeseen circumstances. It’s an important part of the home buying, and owning, process as it provides you and your mortgage provider with security.

Most mortgage providers require you to have home insurance in before granting your mortgage application, so it’s important to arrange insurance as soon as you can. It's also a great way to feel secured and protected with your purchase, even before you've moved in.

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Do you need home insurance?

Although home insurance isn’t technically a legal requirement for homeowners, a lot of mortgage offers will only be approved if you have it in place. It’s also a sensible decision to financially protect yourself and your home if something unexpected happens.

What are the types of home insurance you can get?

Standard home insurance consists of two types, buildings insurance and contents insurance. When you buy a house, you’ll most likely want your insurance to cover both of these, so you can usually get combined buildings and contents insurance from one provider. Our partner, One Click Cover offers this home insurance, get a quote for your buildings and contents insurance today.

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Buildings insurance

Buildings insurance protects the structure of a property e.g. walls and roof as well as permanent fixtures and fittings e.g. kitchen and bathroom in the event of an unforeseen circumstance. When buying a house, you need to get buildings insurance in place for when you exchange contracts, as you become legally responsible for the property. Not only is it a requirement for most mortgage lenders, however it also gives you peace of mind that the structure of your new home will be financially protected.

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Contents insurance

Contents insurance protects you against damage to your personal belongings. Depending on the level of insurance you get, this can cover your belongings either just at home, or when out and about too.

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What does home insurance typically cover?

Although different providers will include different benefits and offerings, generally you’d be covered against:

  • Water damage

  • Fire or smoke damage

  • Flooding * check with your provider

  • Storms (e.g. damage from fallen trees and branches)

  • Theft and vandalism

What does home insurance typically not cover you against?

  • General wear and tear

  • Negligence damage

  • Issues with old appliances

  • Pet damage or pest infestations

Get a home insurance quote from our trusted partner today, or find out more information about insurance in our helpful home insurance guides.

What other types of property insurance is there?

Landlord insurance: Landlords are responsible for insuring the property that they own and rent out. Landlord insurance generally covers everything that building insurance does, however it can also cover you against landlord specific requirements, such as loss of rent.

Renters insurance: If you rent, your landlord will be responsible for insuring the property, however you may want to consider getting rentals contents insurance to protect your belongings against damage or theft.

Holiday home/ Host insurance: If you own a holiday home you will need to get holiday home insurance, so you’re still covered if your property is left unoccupied for 30 days or more. Additionally, if you rent your holiday home out, you’ll need to get Holiday let, or Host insurance, to cover you against potential damages made by, or need fixing for, your guests.

young family worry free in their home after just renewing their home insurance

About One Click Cover home insurance

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