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Watch: What to expect once you’ve instructed your conveyancer video

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Our short video below explains exactly what happens once you've accepted your conveyancing quote and instructed your conveyancer.

  • Arti Dhamu, Move Specialist at My Home Move Conveyancing
    Arti Dhamu

    Move Specialist

    Published December 1st 2023

a young family watching a helpful video about what to expect once they instructed their conveyancer
Watch our video to find out what to expect once you've instructed your conveyancer

Duration: 2 minute 7 seconds

Wondering what to expect once you’ve accepted your conveyancing quote and instructed your conveyancer? Our video explains it all; what happens after you receive your initial email from eWay, what forms you'll have to complete when selling and how your conveyancer will help you move.

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Wondering what to expect once you’ve accepted your conveyancing quote and instructed your conveyancer?

Don’t worry, we’ll fill you in.

  • Firstly, you’ll get an email from eWay.

  • eWay is our online portal where you can stay up to date with all the details of your move and find the contact information for your own personal conveyancer.

  • In the email, you’ll be asked to create your eWay account and complete the details in the starter form.

  • If you’re moving with someone else, you can add their details in at the same time.

  • Once you have completed and returned the starter form, you can book in your initial appointment call, also known as your IAC.

  • These appointments can get booked up quickly, so don’t worry if there’s a waiting period before the next available appointment.

  • If you’re selling and haven’t found a buyer for your property yet, you have the option to wait until after you have accepted an offer before you book your IAC.

  • Before work can start, you’ll need to pay the file opening fee, and if you’re buying, the fee for property searches.

  • These are the only up-front costs you’ll have to pay.

  • Everything else is settled when you’re ready to exchange contracts.

  • If you’re selling, you’ll also be asked to provide your sales memorandum and complete some additional forms, such as a fittings and contents form, protocol forms and a property information form.

  • Now that your conveyancer has all the information they need, they will start working through the legal steps to transfer ownership of the property.

  • Throughout your move you’ll gave contact with your conveyancer, who will be there to help guide you through the conveyancing process.

  • You’ll also have access to eWay which you can use to track the progress of your move from the comfort of your own home, making it easier for you.

  • So, keep an eye out for that first email from eWay as once it lands in your inbox, you can get the ball rolling with your move.

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