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Local authority searches

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Local authority searches provide a detailed view of the property you are buying and some general information about its surrounding area. Find out more below.

  • Arti Dhamu, Move Specialist at My Home Move Conveyancing
    Arti Dhamu

    Move Specialist

    Published March 11th 2024

local authority search provides a detailed view of the property and its surrounding area

The local authority search is one of the mandatory conveyancing searches you will need when buying a house with a mortgage.

What are local authority searches

This search reviews all the information the local authority holds on the house you’re buying. It provides a detailed view of the property and some general information about its surrounding area. It covers a wide range of factors relevant to the property and how it may be used in the future, it will also reveal any financial liabilities that may fall on you as the new owner.

What do local authority searches include?

There are two parts to the local authority search, LLC1 and CON29, find out more about these below:

LLC1: Local Land Charges Register

This checks entries on the Local Land Charges Register about the property and the land it sits on to see if there are any legal restrictions related to your purchase.

It includes:

  • Listed building status

  • Tree preservation orders

  • Financial charges registered against the property

  • Improvement grants

  • Conservation areas

  • Planning agreements or applications

  • Smoke control zones

CON29: enquiries to local authorities

These enquiries reveal information about the local area that could affect the property being purchased.

It includes:

  • Enforcement notices or action

  • Nearby road schemes

  • Contaminated land

  • Restrictions on permitted development

  • Building control history

  • Highway information

  • Public footpaths and rail proposals

Why do you need the local authority search?

From adjoining roads and paths to unapproved extensions and planning issues, the local authority search highlights things that may affect your property purchase. The findings could affect your desire to go ahead with your purchase or you may wish to reduce your offer, therefore it is important you are aware of any issues before becoming the legal owner.

Optional local authority enquiries

There are some local authority searches which aren’t included as standard, these are CON2O. These can always be provided upon request, speak to your conveyancer if you need to discuss these any further.

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