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Watch our video on the conveyancing process to understand what conveyancing is when buying or selling a house and how the conveyancing process works.

  • Kavi Chauhan Deputy Head of Conveyancing & Licensed Conveyancer
    Kavi Chauhan

    Deputy Head of Conveyancing & Licensed Conveyancer.

    Published April 3rd 2024

Watch our video what is conveyancing: the conveyancing process webpage thumbnail

Duration: 2 minute 16 seconds

The conveyancing process begins once your offer has been accepted and a sale has been agreed. Watch our short video to understand exactly what conveyancing is and the process your conveyancing solicitor will go through to transfer ownership.

Read the conveyancing process video transcript

Moving home is an exciting time.

However, it can seem like a fairly lengthy process.

On average, conveyancing can take anywhere between 10-24 weeks.

The time it takes, relies on factors such as, the current market conditions, the size of your change or whether the property is a leasehold.

When you buy a house you have several advisors to help you.

Your mortgage adviser will help to find the best mortgage for you, your surveyor will advise you on the structure of the property and your conveyancer will check the property’s title deeds, and organise the transfer of ownership over to you.

For a sale, the seller's solicitor will create a contract pack.

In this will be the contract, title, an official plan of the property and information about what's included in the sale.

When buying, your conveyancer will decide which property searches you need, based on its location.

As the searches come back, your conveyancer will check the results and send enquiries to the seller. Usually via email, to help with any issues or queries that come up, for example, providing copies of planning agreements revealed in the local search.

Your conveyancer will also check through your mortgage offer to make sure the details are correct.

If selling, your conveyancer will send you your contract to sign and return.

When buying you’ll now be asked to provide your deposit which is used as a down payment on exchange.

As soon as all the contracts in the chain have been signed, the deposit collected and all the information is approved, you’re then ready to exchange contracts!

But first, you, and anyone in the chain, will have to agree a completion date.

Usually there would be 2 weeks between exchange and completion so that everything can be organised, and mortgage funds sorted.

Once contracts are exchanged, everyone is now legally bound and can get ready for their move.

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