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Quick easy and affordable ways to make your mark on a new home.

June 11, 2019

There are few more exciting things than moving into a new home. A new start, and a new canvas to paint your personality all over from top to bottom. Getting your new place exactly how you want it can seem like an insurmountable challenge, especially if your budget’s been stretched by the move. Thankfully, there are lots of cheap and easy things you can do, in every corner of your new home, to help you settle in and personalise as quickly as possible.

1. Decor

If you’re lucky enough to find a home that perfectly suits your style, then you may not have too much to do in terms of decorating. A lick of paint here and there can go a long way though. Whether you love neutral shades or vibrant colours, it’s an instant and affordable way to impose your personality on your new home. The same goes for the outside of your home too. Sand and repaint your front door in your favourite hue, freshen up any window sills, and redo your rendering with a lick of paint for an instant uplift.

2. Fittings and furniture

While replacing fixtures like bathroom suites or kitchen units can be quite costly, it’s your fittings that really provide the true flavour of your home. You don’t have to rip out and replace to freshen things up though. Tile paint can breathe new life into ageing bathroom and kitchen walls, while paint for kitchen cupboards can totally change the feel of a kitchen without having to splash out much at all. Splashing out on a new sofa or bed might not be possible, but things like curtains, mirrors and rugs don’t have to cost the earth. It may depend on your taste, but upcycling can be a great way to cut your costs on new furniture, while you could even give your existing things a makeover if you want to bring a fresh look to your new home.

3. Decorations

Once you’ve settled on what is and isn’t coming with you, it’s time to pack. It’s important to remember that, unlike with any shorter moves you may have made in the past, lots of back and forth trips aren’t really an option. You need to be confident that all your things will fit in the van on the day, and that they’ll be safe and secure for the journey.

Using decorations to complement your fittings is a sure-fire way to get your new home singing to your very own tune. Affordable if you know where to look, even a couple of quirky lampshades, paintings or a macrame wall hanging can completely transform a room.

4. Garden

Every time a guest – or anyone for that matter – approaches your new property, the first impression will be on the outside. If you’ve got a front garden, planting some colourful flowers shouldn’t cost you too much at all and with a little upkeep, can really make your home look loved and cared for. Then you’ll want to turn your attention to the back, or whatever outdoor space you have available. Even a balcony in a flat is an opportunity for you to wave your wand of inspiration, while larger gardens give you the chance to extend your living space with everything from plants and flowers to seating areas, play areas for the kids, or even a swing seat. And while some of those may sound like big investments, even something like some wooden pallets with cushions on top could work wonders for your outdoor space.

5.Give your home a name

For a final flourish, there aren’t many better ways to put your own personal stamp on your new home than by giving it a name. It shouldn’t cost anything at all to do so – all you have to do is get in touch with your local council and Royal Mail to inform them of the change to your address. Then, you can pick out a nice new sign to add another dose of your personality to the front of your home.

As well as making your own mark on your new place, most of the tips here should help to add value to your home too. If you’re after more advice on some of the fees involved with moving, you can read more about the cost of buying a house here.

Disclaimer: The article above is only a rough guide on tips to help you make a mark on a new home.

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