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Conveyancing in West Midlands

Find out more about conveyancing in the West Midlands

Conveyancing in West Midlands

The West Midlands is built up of a few different counties: Herefordshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, West Midlands and Worcestershire, with the largest city being Birmingham. The West Midlands has seen the strongest growth within the property market sector, with prices rising year on year. The midlands is also well known for its exquisite countryside which it isn’t given enough credit for, and is often overlooked due to having a large industrial sector.

Is it better to use a local solicitor for conveyancing in the West Midlands

Going online or using a local conveyancer in the West Midlands is a debate that creates a lot of discussion. The short answer to this is, if you use an online conveyancer, they can act on behalf of your transaction anywhere in the country as long as they have the correct tools to do so for you. So, ultimately you don’t need a conveyancer based in the West Midlands. You may believe that using a conveyancer local to the area will be more useful to you and your transaction, however there are many other factors you should investigate further. Getting referrals from friends and family and looking at online reviews, for example, are all considerations you should factor in. You could even check whether your local solicitor includes all of the fees up front and when you have to pay, as you need to find a conveyancer who ticks all of your boxes, regardless of their location.

The average conveyancing fee in West Midlands:

Within the West Midlands, most properties sold were semi-detached at an average price of £240K, detached on average sold for £400K. Conveyancing fees across the UK, and including the West Midlands, would vary depending on the type of property transaction. Things such as, if you’re purchasing a new build, if you are a first time buyer, if you are remortgaging or if you’re buying a property while selling a property will all affect the cost of conveyancing. You can easily get a quick quote to understand what the legal fees would be for your specific property.

Is a conveyancer cheaper than a solicitor?

This one can vary, and you need to be sure to always check fees and the T&Cs for any hidden costs. We at My Home Move Conveyancing offer a fixed price and a no move no fee guarantee. Ensure to look at reviews and listen to referrals.

What are the steps for conveyancing in the West Midlands

The steps for conveyancing in the West Midlands are no different to the rest of the UK, a straightforward conveyancing process looks very similar to the below, this all starts once your offer has been accepted, the ball can then get rolling and the conveyancing process begins – legally transferring the ownership of the property.
If you are not aware of what the terminology means, then we have a useful jargon buster article to help guide you through these next steps.

How quickly can house conveyancing be done?

This varies and there is no simple answer as it will all depend on the type of case you have, whether there is a chain, whether your case is a leasehold or whether there are delays with searches and paperwork standing in the way. The industry average is between 12-16 weeks and when you speak with your conveyancer, they will help to give you a rough estimate of timings. There are many other external factors that play into the timings, such as other members in the chain responding in a timely manner, time frame for searches or probate holdups.

We offer expert advice on:

We are aware and understand that this is a stressful time and very daunting, particularly if you are a first-time buyer, however it is also very exciting. Don’t worry though, as we can assist and explain everything to you throughout the entire process. These are just a few of the things we can help you with:

Stay in control with our eWay app

Use our case management tool, eWay, to enable 24/7 management of your case via either your phone, tablet or PC. Nearly all of the essential documents for your transaction can be done online through the app which can be downloaded from the app store or Google Play, make secure payments and keep up to date with how your case is progressing.

eWay is a fantastic tool for:

  1. Conveyancing on the go – eWay is mobile-friendly and uses the very best in smart technology.
  2. Clear progress – The eWay dial shows you how your case is progressing.
  3. Online interactive forms – Nearly all documentation can be completed by using eWay’s interactive forms.

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Living in the West Midlands

Living in the West Midlands, you can expect to find several large universities, colleges and cultural institutions. Having said that the West Midlands is best known for its substantial number of manufacturers, ranging from the everyday chocolate manufacturer, Cadbury’s, to a walk on the luxurious side with Jaguar Land Rover cars in Coventry and Solihull. With Birmingham being one of the largest and most populated cities within the West Midlands, known best for its shopping centres, iron and steel industry and innovative architecture. It is also the home of some musical icons with Black Sabbath, Duran Duran and UB40 all originating from here.

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