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Conveyancing in North West England

Find out more about conveyancing in North West England

Conveyancing in North West England

The North West of England is one of the nine official regions within England, consisting of counties such as Cheshire, Lancashire, Merseyside, Cumbria, and Greater Manchester. It is the third-most populated region within the UK, with the largest cities being Manchester and Liverpool.

With Liverpool known for its music and bands, it’s recognised by Guinness World Records as the city of pop. As many would know, The Beatles are the most commercially successful and iconic bands in pop music to come out of Liverpool. The Titanic was also registered in Liverpool, although she never visited, she had strong links with her home port. Manchester; another large city, known for its textile industry, atomic theory, Coronation Street, and its iconic football teams Manchester United and Manchester City.

The North West is famous though for its rural and urban landscapes within the Cumbria region including the Lake District with its stunning lakes and mountains.

Can conveyancing be done online?

There are two main types of conveyancers: your more traditional conveyancing solicitors’ firm based locally to you in the North West, or a nationwide online company specifically focusing on property conveyancing. The two will handle the legal side the same way, however the communication is usually very different between the two. Online conveyancers can be more convenient, especially to those who lead a busy life, as you can update, monitor, and track your case online to see exactly where the process is at. You can also often contact them outside of the standard working office hours .

What’s the difference between a local solicitor and an online conveyancers?

One of the differences between the two is that a local firm will have solicitors who work there, while an online company is more likely to have conveyancers. In terms of property law, both solicitors and conveyancers work in the same way, the difference is that solicitors may also be dealing with other aspects of law, such as family or commercial, whereas conveyancers specialise in property law only. The two are also regulated by different authorities with the CLC monitoring conveyancing firms and SRA regulating solicitors, however this shouldn’t affect the conveyancing process.

How to find a good conveyancer in North West England

Ensure to look at experts in the industry, reviews, and recommendations from others you trust to make the correct decision for you before instructing an online or local conveyancer in the North West of England.

North West Conveyancing prices

The price of conveyancing in the North West is not dissimilar to the rest of England; the fees remain relatively similar. It is usually the property cost which is a bigger factor as this can affect the legal fee and also the cost of the Stamp Duty Land Tax. When considering a firm to complete your conveyancing, try and get quotes so you can compare prices, however, also do remember that it’s vital you choose a company who you think you can work with and trust. The conveyancers you choose will be helping you through one of the most stressful life experiences, and a good conveyancer will help to strip as much of the stress out as possible.

What are the conveyancing steps in North West England

Your first step is to get a quote, which can often be done online with no obligation to instruct the firm you have received quotes from. Check to see when fees are being requested from you, as some firms (like us) offer a no move no fee guarantee when you instruct, with only search fees payable at the start of the transaction. Remember Stamp Duty Land Tax may be shown in the quote, and if it isn’t, be sure to factor in the costs yourself as unless you are exempt i.e. a first-time buyer within the limits, you will have to pay it.

Once you’re offers been accepted

Once your offer has been accepted this is when the magic starts, and your chosen firm will get the ball rolling for you with the legal side of your move. The process is fairly straightforward, and your conveyancer is there to guide you through it all. If you want to read up on the step-by-step process, we have a handy guide to conveyancing which talks about the steps taken in much more detail. Of course, remember there can be hold ups with a sale or purchase such as if you are in a chain or if you are purchase or selling a leasehold property.

Stay in control with our eWay app

At My home Move Conveyancing we have tried to make the process as painless as possible with our fabulous app, eWay. Download from the app store or Google Play once instructed to keep track of your case on the move. Here is why eWay has changed how the conveyancing process goes and how streamlined it can be:

Mobile Friendly

eWay is a completely mobile-friendly app and uses the very best in smart technology, so you can manage your move, on the go, from your mobile or tablet. It is also available to use on PC.

Case Progression

The eWay dial shows you how your case is progressing similar to a pie chart. Each section is a milestone in the conveyancing process – the fuller the section looks, the closer it is to being completed.

Interactive Forms

You can complete nearly all your documentation using eWay’s interactive forms, which are tailored to meet your specific needs. (There are just a few documents that need to be printed and posted.)

Video Guides

eWay has a selection of useful videos which are guides to help you understand what you need to do throughout the process.

Track your progress

Through eWay, you can see all of the actions that you and your conveyancer have taken to progress your case, including documents that have been completed and calls that have been made on your behalf.

Conveyancing fees

When you purchase or sell a property you ought to enlist an expert conveyancer who can guide you through the entire process and take care of the legal side, this will include the reviewing of contracts, raising important enquires, chasing, arranging the searches as well as registering your transaction with the Land Registry. There are two different types of conveyancing fees, these include your legal fees which are paid to your conveyancer for dealing with the legal process. There are also third-party fees which are also known as disbursements; these are costs that your conveyancer will have to pay out on your behalf to third parties. These fees pay for a range of services, and you will need to budget and plan ahead for them.

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If you need any help filling out the form online, or if you’d like to discuss a quote you’ve already received, don’t hesitate to call our Quotations Team on 0333 234 4425.

Living in North West England

The North West of England is known for the most beautiful and spectacular lakes within the Lake District region, fabulous mountains, and villages nestled in between. The stunning Lake District National Park is also located within the North West of England which is one of the most visited places in the region, not just the North West but the whole of England. Locally there are transport links to all the major cities, whether that be for visiting the football grounds or to spend the day shopping.

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