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Conveyancing in the West Midlands

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Conveyancing when buying or selling in the West Midlands

The West Midlands is renowned for its vibrant and diverse property market. If buying or selling in the area, you will need a conveyancer to guide you through your move. Conveyancers play a crucial role with your move to/ in the West Midlands, as they take care of the legal work such as, organising searches, drafting contracts and liaising with third parties like mortgage lenders. That’s why it’s important to choose a conveyancer you can trust to get you moved successfully. The conveyancers we work with at My Home Move Conveyancing have a wealth of knowledge and experience. They have likely dealt with every moving scenario and so they are experts in their field. Get a conveyancing quote for your purchase, sale or remortgage in the West Midlands.

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Is it better to use a local solicitor for conveyancing in the West Midlands

Whether you use a local solicitor or online conveyancer’s is up to you. There are advantages for each, and so it’s dependent on what you think is important. With an online conveyancer, you’ll usually get a more streamlined and efficient service, as you’ll benefit from a digital platform, such as eWay, for communication, document sharing and progress tracking. Additionally, as the work is completed online, rather than face-to-face, you aren’t limited by their location. This can be extremely handy if you’re relocating to or from the West Midlands, as you have access to files and your conveyancer, remotely. With this being said, completing the process online isn’t for everyone. So, it really does depend on what your circumstances are, and your own preferences.

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The average conveyancing fee in the West Midlands:

Within the West Midlands, most properties sold were semi-detached at an average price of £240K, detached on average sold for £400K. Conveyancing fees across the UK, and including the West Midlands, would vary depending on the type of property transaction. Things such as, if you’re purchasing a new build, if you are a first time buyer, if you are remortgaging or if you’re buying a property while selling a property will all affect the cost of conveyancing. You can easily get a quick quote to understand what the legal fees would be for your specific property.

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Is a conveyancer cheaper than a solicitor?

This one can vary, and you need to be sure to always check fees and the T&Cs for any hidden costs. However, in general, as online conveyancers have reduced operating costs due to the streamlined process, this can often mean they’re able to provide more competitive pricing. Get a quote to see how much conveyancing could cost you for your move in the West Midlands.

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How quickly can I move in the West Midlands?

This varies and there is no simple answer as it will all depend on the type of case you have, whether there is a chain, whether your case is a leasehold or whether there are delays with searches and paperwork standing in the way. The industry average is between 16-20 weeks and when you speak with your conveyancer, they will help to give you a rough estimate of timings. There are many other external factors that play into the timings, such as other members in the chain responding in a timely manner, time frame for searches or probate holdups.

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