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Looking to buy, sell or remortgage in the North West?

Buying or selling a home is one of the biggest and exciting decisions you will make. That’s why you’ll want the best conveyancers for your move in the North West, to help it go as smooth as possible. At My Home Move Conveyancing, we work with conveyancers and solicitors that have a wealth of experience and expertise, who are able to provide the service you need to make your move successful. Get a conveyancing quote for your move in the North West today.

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What is online conveyancing?

There are two main types of conveyancers: your local high street firm or an online company. The main difference between the two, is the way you communicate with your conveyancing solicitor. As it sounds, online conveyancing, is done online. This doesn’t mean you’ll only ever talk to a robot, it simply means that everything is done remotely. Online is much more convenient, especially to those who lead a busy life, as the need for going into an office is removed. You can update, monitor, and track your case online to see exactly where the process you home move is at. You can also often contact your conveyancer outside of the standard 9-5 office hours.

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What’s the difference between a solicitor and a conveyancer?

In terms of property law, both solicitors and conveyancers work in the same way. Conveyancers specialise in property law only, whereas solicitors may also be dealing with other aspects of law, such as family or commercial. The two are also regulated by different authorities with the CLC monitoring conveyancing firms and SRA regulating solicitors, however this shouldn’t have any effect on your move.

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How to find the best conveyancer in North West England

When it comes to conveyancing every person has a different idea as to what ‘best’ means, this could be convenience, ease or even price. The easiest way to find the best conveyancer for you, is to do your research. Check out what conveyancing firms offer and check their reviews. You can also get recommendations from others you trust to help with your decision.

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North West conveyancing prices

The price of conveyancing in the North West is not dissimilar to the rest of England. To see what you could pay for your conveyancing or to get an idea of what conveyancing costs, get a quote, entering the details of your move as accurately as possible. The biggest cost you’ll usually have to pay out is Stamp Duty Land Tax, unless you’re a first-time buyer. When considering a firm to complete your conveyancing, try and get a few different quotes so you can compare prices. However, don’t just factor in price, it’s also important you choose a company who you think you can work with and trust. The conveyancers you choose will be helping you navigate through your move, and a good conveyancer will help make it run as smooth as possible.

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What are the conveyancing steps in North West England

Once you’re happy with your quote and either your offer has been accepted, or you have accepted an offer, you can get the ball rolling for you with the legal side of your move. You’ll just have to accept your quote and instruct your conveyancer to start working on your case. To find out more about moving process, we have a handy guide to conveyancing which talks about the steps taken.

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