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Additional services

We're part of the Simplify group, the UK's largest independent conveyancing group, which also includes specialist conveyancing firm Cook Taylor Woodhouse, who can offer additional services and specialist conveyancing work to you.

a leasehold house for sale

Leaseholds and lease extensions

If your property has a short lease (that has fewer than 80 years remaining) it may cause problems when you come to sell or remortgage your home. Cook Taylor Woodhouse specialise in the acquisition and disposal of freeholds, and lease extensions for flats and houses. Providing that you have owned your property for more than two years, you can apply to extend your lease, whether or not the freeholder agrees to it. Cook Taylor Woodhouse will be able to provide guidance and advice on the best course of action, and support you throughout the process.

cook taylor woodhouse can help you through the sale of a probate property


Cook Taylor Woodhouse will support you through dealing with the estate of a deceased friend or family member, following the usual three stages of probate. They will gather details of the values of all the assets of the estate from all relevant parties, they will complete probate application forms and (if the value of the estate exceeds £325,000) calculating the amount of inheritance tax due and they will register the grant of probate with all banks etc, collect all the assets and pay out to the beneficiaries named within the will. There will be a final account produced and they will deal with the deceased’s final tax return.

a new build property available to buy through the shared ownership scheme

Shared ownership

Cook Taylor Woodhouse have a dedicated Affordable Housing Conveyancing department, dealing specifically with this nature of transactions. They work closely with the other financial advisors and housing authorities nationwide and can help you to understand the different schemes and complete the legal process of buying your own Shared Ownership home. They'll help you understand how the various Affordable Housing Schemes work and make the legal transfer of your new home.

cook taylor woodhouse can help you create a will


Wills ensure that your property, finances and dependents are taken care of should you die. Whilst the topic of a will may be something you think can be put off, it is a good idea to consider the comfort of having one in place. Cook Taylor Woodhouse solicitors have been preparing Wills and for over 75 years, and they offer a personal and friendly service.