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Save £290 on over a dozen services from Just Move In

Two dads playing with their children enjoying their home having just moved in

When you move into a new home, you have to register your new address with a number of companies, from gas and electricity, through to broadband and removals, which can be time consuming and stressful. We’ve partnered with Just Move In, a company which takes the stress out and arranges it all for you. Find out more below, or get started now.

Why use Just Move In?

Moving to a new home involves a whole host of joyless jobs, including contacting each of your suppliers to update your address. This service keeps everything under one roof, leaving the admin to them.

How much will it cost me?

Nothing. As a benefit of moving through My Home Move Conveyancing, we’ve teamed up with Just Move In who will provide you with their Home Setup Service at no cost to you (it usually costs £290 if you went to them directly). 

How do I sign up?

It’s simple, just click on the link above to go to Just Move In’s website where you can get started with their home set up service straight away.

Just Move In FAQs

How does it save me time?

You’ll only need to update your new address is one place, Just Move In, and they’ll take care of the rest for you. No more searching for the best deals, no more waiting in phone queues to speak to someone at a helpdesk – they’ve got it all sorted.

How does it save me money?

Just Move In are on hand to source the best deals for your insurance, broadband and the rest, saving you all-important cash that could be spent on sunning yourself in the Med, instead.

How does it save me stress?

Unfortunately moving home can be pretty stressful, however Just Move In do all they can to take away that stress and leave you feeling on top of your admin. Using their clever platform, you can select the services you need and they’ll do the rest. Simple, eh? Then, if you need additional support or guidance, their team of friendly Move Specialists are only a phone call away.

Which services do they provide support with?

They streamline dozens of individual home services into one process. Here are the main things they can cover for you:

  • Gas and electricity
  • Council tax
  • Water and sewerage
  • Broadband and phone
  • TV and media
  • Removals Storage
  • Home care
  • Loans
  • Mobile
  • Royal mail redirects

How long does it take to set up home move support?

Not long at all! First they will just need some details from you with regards to the move services you need support with. From there, it’s over to them. Just Move In will take care of everything you need and be on hand for direct support when necessary.