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Should I be installing the latest smart home technology?

July 24, 2019

There’s a technological revolution happening inside British homes.

Smart technology is quickly becoming the new normal, with a raft of new devices and a wave of automation making even the simplest of household tasks as easy as ever, while other installations monitor and analyse what we use to a tee. In fact, products are launching onto the market so fast, that even some seasoned techies are questioning if they’ve been left behind.

But if you’re something of a newcomer to smart tech, you might be wondering where to start altogether. In this guide, we’ll give you some pointers, and let you know more about what smart tech might do for the value of your home.

What is smart home technology?

When we talk about ‘smart home technology’, we’re referring to a new wave of advanced automatic systems, many of which make use of AI (artificial intelligence), that are designed to make our daily lives easier and more data-led. Most of these devices are built to either analyse and report (such as a smart electric meter), or to operate functions remotely (like switching the heating on through a phone app).

This kind of technology has been around for a couple of decades, but it’s only now that we’re applying it to so many of our simple household situations. From changing the colour of your lights to suit the mood, to seeing who’s at the front door from your smartphone, the possibilities are almost endless.

What are the latest smart home innovations I should look out for?

Smart technology for the home can be arranged into a handful of categories, depending on its primary purpose.

Smart speakers

You can find popular versions of these from the likes of Amazon, Apple and Google. Connecting to the internet, these can perform a vast range of functions upon voice command, including:

  • Putting your favourite songs on
  • Setting an alarm or timer
  • Telling you the time, news, or weather
  • Digging out the answer to a pressing question for you.
  • Plus, most are compatible with your favourite tech devices like phones, TVs and tablets – as well as bringing voice activation to many of the devices listed below.

    Smart heating

    It’s never nice coming back to a cold home, and thanks to smart heating, you don’t have to. Things that the latest smart heating innovations can do include:

  • Controlling the temperature of different spaces and rooms from your phone
  • Automatically activating the heating to reach a set temperature when you enter a room
  • Running your home’s heating system in the most economical or environmentally-friendly way possible
  • Providing you with live data about your energy usage and spend.
  • Smart lighting

    You might think flicking on a switch is as easy as can be, but smart technology has managed to revolutionise even this, including:

  • Turning on lights via your phone, by clapping, or by voice command
  • Dimming bulbs or changing the colour of lights on request
  • Automatically switching lights on when you enter a room, and turning them off when you leave
  • Operating all your lighting to a timer or schedule.
  • Smart appliances

    Innovative appliances have been simplifying tasks and chores around our home for decades, but smart appliances have an extra edge, including:

  • Robotic vacuum cleaners which can guide their own way around the house and detect any dirt
  • Washing machines that can automatically optimise their cycle based on what you’ve put in the drum
  • Ovens and dishwashers that can be switched on and off through your phone or by voice command
  • Bathroom and kitchen scales that display precise readings on your phone or tablet.
  • Smart security

    It’s only natural to worry about your home’s security, but smart security technology can help you put many of your concerns to one side, thanks to:

  • Internal and external cameras that provide a feed to your phone, tablet or TV
  • Motion-sensors that provide alerts to your phone if triggered
  • Doorbells that feature sound and visual recording
  • Locks that can be operated remotely.
  • Will installing smart technology increase the value of my home?

    Whether smart technology will increase the value of your home may depend on which devices you invest in.

    You’d take things like smart speakers and smart vacuum cleaners with you if you were to move, so these won’t attract any buyers in themselves. What will catch the eye of potential buyers will being able to claim that your heating, lighting, energy, water, and security systems are compatible with the latest smart technology.

    Being able to show this off at any viewings may not fetch you a higher guide price, but it’ll certainly impress. As our homes get smarter and more technologically advanced, being compatible with the latest innovations is something that’s going to feature in the minds of would-be buyers more and more.

    If you’re looking to sell your home, you’ll need the services of a conveyancer, who will take care of all the legal aspects of your case. To see what we could do, retrieve your quote from My Home Move Conveyancing today.

    Disclaimer: The article above is only a rough guide on tips to let you know more about what smart tech might do for the value of your home.

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