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Conveyancing in Wales

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Wales Conveyancing

Wales is a beautiful place to own a home, with its mountainous peaks to the North and central areas, and it’s bustling cities toward the south. The largest city within Wales is Cardiff in South Wales, officially known as the City and County of Cardiff, it is the eleventh largest city within the UK. Cardiff is located in the South-East of Wales, it off small until the 19th century when it expanded with the help of the coal mining industry.

What’s the difference between an online conveyancer or a solicitor local to Wales?

Many clients ask us this question when moving in Wales, as they are unsure of what a conveyancer does compared to a solicitor. Simply put, a conveyancer is regulated by the CLC and is authorised to work on property law only, whereas a solicitor is regulated by the SRA and are able to complete all forms of legal work e.g. commercial law, family law and criminal law to name a few.

Is it better to use an online conveyancer or a local solicitor based in Wales?

With property law, the legal work that has to be completed in transferring legal ownership of a property, is uniform across England and Wales. This means, that there is typically no easy answer to say whether a local firm in Wales or a national conveyancing firm would be better. With an online conveyancer, the paperwork is completed online, meaning everything can be done in your own time, at your own convenience and from your own home.

Is a conveyancer cheaper than a solicitor?

Solicitors tend to be a bit pricier than conveyancers, and they may charge by the hour, as this is the same pricing structure as the other aspects of law they deal with. It’s important to therefore do your research up front, and if price is the main factor, consider all of your options. The best way to do this is by getting quotes for your property transaction and comparing costs. With just a few clicks you can get a free personalised quote with many online conveyancers, such as ourselves.. With some online firms, again like ourselves, the cost shown up front is the end cost, and it will only ever change if your instructions do. If there are any delays, online firms are not likely to charge for the extra time, whereas local solicitors could add this onto the final bill. Ensure you compare costs and terms and conditions otherwise you ultimately may find an unexpected bill at the end.

Wales conveyancing quotes and average fees

The cost of conveyancing usually depends on the price of your property. There are different categories of fees charged, including the legal fee and disbursements. The legal fee is the charge that we make for completing the legal work itself, and disbursements are third party costs that we take on your behalf and then pass on, for example Land Transaction Tax, search fees or management company charges.

What is Land Transaction Tax when buying a house in Wales?

Land Transaction Tax is a government tax a person must pay when buying a property in Wales. There is no Land Tax when a property is under a certain price band, and there are reduced rates for first-time buyers. Our quote calculator includes this additional third-party charge, so you can use this to act as a price guide. Once instructed, your conveyancer will also confirm this cost with you, so you’ll know up front exactly how much this government tax will be.

We offer expert advice on:

We can assist you at every step of your transaction in both North and South Wales, and aim to provide the smoothest experience for you. To keep you up to date on everything we provide you with our eWay app which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play, you can then follow the process and upload documents onto this handy case management tool. We will provide you with a specialist conveyancer when you instruct us for buying, selling, buying & selling, transfer of equity or remortgaging. And our no move no fee guarantee means you won’t pay us any legal fees if the move falls through at no fault of your own.

How does the conveyancing process work in Wales?

The conveyancing process in Wales is largely the same to that of the rest of England, with the main difference being the government tax added to purchases. In England this is known as Stamp Duty Land Tax, whereas in Wales, you will know it as Land Transaction Tax (LTT). As this is always a cost that is factored in once the exchange of contracts has taken place, it makes no difference to the conveyancing process itself.

Within this process the conveyancer you instruct will handle all the legal aspects of your case, and help you through anything you need to answer or understand. If you would like more detail into what conveyancers do, then you can check out our conveyancing process video, it explains the process step by step. Just know you are in safe hands with us, property law is what we deal with day in day out.

Living in Wales

Within Wales there is a lot of beautiful places to visit such as Snowdonia National Park which is the most mountainous region in north-western Wales, measuring over 800 square miles. Other beautiful areas are Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, Gower, Worms Head, Anglesey and Conway Castle. Wales is mostly known for its famous and stunning scenery, charming language and ancient history, Roald Dahl, Anthony Hopkins and believe it or not, Jack Daniels were all famous Welsh men.

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