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Conveyancing in Weston-super-Mare

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Buying a house in Weston-super-Mare

Located in the county of Somerset in southwest England, Weston-super-Mare is a seaside town on the Bristol Channel. With a population of approximately 80,000 and lovely coastal setting, there is always demand for property in Weston-super-Mare.

At My Home Move Conveyancing we have been improving our understanding of local markets since 2002, which allows us to offer our clients in the area a specialist, fixed fee conveyancing service.

When looking to buy or sell property in Weston-super-Mare, you must instruct a lawyer to complete the legal side of things on your behalf.

My Home Move Conveyancing can offer you an award winning level of customer service that complements our dedicated and easy to use technology and detailed knowledge of the local market. Our specialist fixed fee conveyancing service comes with no hidden costs, meaning you can budget for exactly how much you’re going to pay from the outset, with no nasty surprises to worry about. Moreover, when you appoint us as your conveyancing solicitors in Weston-super-Mare, if for some reason you don’t end up moving, you won’t pay us anything in legal fees.

We supply each of our clients with a dedicated conveyancer who will look after your case from start to finish, regularly updating you on any progress and giving you a consistent point of contact to deal with. At My Home Move Conveyancing we have provided our conveyancing service to homebuyers in and around areas like Weston-super-Mare, from the roads tucked behind the waterfront Beach Road to Uphill on the other side of the golf course to spots further out of town such as Clevedon and inland areas including Backwell and Nailsea.

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Local statistics

The average house price in North Somerset is £200,637, while in Weston-super-Mare during the past 12 months the overall average sale price was £183,239.

There was an even spread in respect of the popularity of different types of property, with semis being involved in most sales at an average price of £186,235. Terraces went for an average of £156,905, detached properties for £257,443 and flats for £119,200.

Essential info

The local authority responsible for properties is North Somerset Council. They can be contacted on 01934 888 888 or at the following address:

North Somerset Council
Town Hall
Walliscote Grove Road
BS23 1UJ

The local area

Despite archaeological evidence that points to settlement of the local area since the Iron Age, Weston-super-Mare really rose to prominence as a seaside resort in the 19th century when it was connected to the rail system. The area continued to grow until the second half of the 20th century, when international tourism expanded and less people holidayed in the UK’s traditional seaside spots. There has been recent regeneration and revitalisation, and Weston-super-Mare remains a lovely part of the country’s coastline.

The M5 links Weston-super-Mare to the national motorway network, heading to Bristol in the north and Exeter in the south. The town’s proximity to Bristol is a draw for many, with trains available that take just 20 minutes to reach Bristol Temple Meads. The M4 motorway can be picked up from Bristol, heading east towards London, while a train to the capital takes around two and a half hours.

There are a range of good schools in the area for families with children to consider, with primary options including St Mark’s C of E, Mead Vale Community School and Hutton C of E on Church Lane. Secondary choices include Queensway’s Priory Community School and Westhaven School in Uphill.

All properties in Weston-super-Mare will fall within one of the following council tax bands.


Property value range

up to £40,000

Council tax charge



Property value range

£40,001 - £52,000

Council tax charge



Property value range

£52,001 - £68,000

Council tax charge



Property value range

£68,001 - £88,000

Council tax charge



Property value range

£88,001 - £120,000

Council tax charge



Property value range

£120,001 - £160,000

Council tax charge



Property value range

£160,001 - £320,000

Council tax charge



Property value range

£320,001 and above

Council tax charge


About us

Established in 2001, we exclusively deal with the legal side of moving home. Last year alone, through our experienced conveyancers, we helped nearly 50,000 customers have a hassle-free experience. We are a truly national company, having completed transactions in each of the 109 postcode areas in England and Wales.

Our promise to you…

We understand that moving house can be stressful. So we make sure everything we do makes the process as easy and efficient as possible. We’ll give you an all inclusive fixed quote from the start so there won’t be any surprises. The price only changes if your instructions do.

You’ll have access to our unique, easy to use, online case management service to track your case. And dedicated conveyancing experts who’ll be on hand to guide you through the whole process.

We know you’re busy, so we’re open 8am until 8pm most weekdays, and open at weekends too!

Finally, if your move falls through, through no fault of your own, we won’t charge you a penny in legal fees.

Multiple industry awards

See why our unique conveyancing service (My Home Move and its wholly owned law firm) has been recognised as an industry leading, award-winning conveyancing company.

Best Legal Services Provider

Future of Legal Services Innovation

Most Innovative Use of Technology

Best Conveyancing Provider

National Conveyancing Firm of the Year

Best Legal Services Provider

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What's involved

Once you have your offer accepted, it’s time to get the ball rolling on legally transferring the ownership to you. Here’s how we do things at My Home Move Conveyancing.

First, your estate agents will send us a copy of the Memorandum of sale, which provides the details of the property, the amount offered and the name of the sellers and buyers and their conveyancers. You will be asked to complete your details and provide to us your instructions along with primary ID such as a passport or driving licence and proof of residence in the form of a bank statement/utility bill.

Read our Home Buying Process guide

If you are selling a house, you will need a Conveyancer to act for you – that’s where we come in!

You will be asked by us to complete your details and provide your instructions along with primary ID such as a passport or driving licence and proof of residence in the form of a bank statement/utility bill. You will also be asked to fill in a Property Information form including some specific details about the property, its boundaries, any alterations to the property etc. If you have any additional paperwork such as planning permissions or notices, then these will be required by us to send with the contract papers. We will also ask you to complete a Fixtures, Fittings and Contents form to say what you will be taking and leaving behind. If the property is leasehold, you will be asked for information about who you pay ground rent and services charges to…

Read our Home Selling Process guide

After we have received your instructions to act we will check the legal issues and title to your property to ensure it offers a satisfactory security for your new lender, as this is the essence of a mortgage.

We will also check the amounts outstanding on any current mortgage registered on the property as these will have to be repaid at completion. The amounts will be confirmed with you.

Usually, we will not carry out Local, Drainage or Mining (if appropriate) searches as we will put in place an insurance which will protect your lender. This is less expensive for you and quicker. Some lenders still require that searches are made and will not rely on insurance. If this is the case the searches will have to be made and the cost will show on the Financial Statement sent to you.

At about the same time that you receive your Mortgage Offer we receive a copy together with the lender’s instructions to act for them. We will consider the Offer to ensure that we do those things required of us as the solicitors and to check what other conditions have to be satisfied.

We will then send you the Mortgage Deed to sign and any other documentation that may be required by your lender. We shall need to have this back from you as soon as possible and certainly by the day before we complete. Otherwise there will be a delay.

You need to check that the Mortgage Offer is acceptable to you. For example, is the mortgage amount and mortgage product correct? Is it the correct method of repayment? Are there any early repayment fees?

We target a completion date for 7 days after we receive our copy of the Mortgage Offer but our being able to complete depends on the terms of the Offer and any peculiarities of your transaction.

If the new mortgage amount is less than the amount we have to pay to your existing lender, we will ask for the difference from you, before the completion date.

Following completion we deal with the registration formalities to ensure the mortgage security is perfected for your lender and any deeds will then be sent to your lender for safe-keeping.

Note – If your property is leasehold, we also:

Request your landlord to confirm that all ground rent, service charges and insurance premiums (if applicable) have been paid to date and that there is no known breach of the lease.

Have to approve the wording of the lease.

Have to serve on the landlord a notice of discharge of your existing mortgage and a notice that a new mortgage has been given to your new lender.

Read our Remortgaging Process guide

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